I am entering into this Agreement with The Back Rub Company, LLC as an independent contractor.

WHEREAS The Back Rub Company, LLC herein known as BRC is a workplace wellness program company, and wishes to obtain the services of independent contractor herein known as Contractor to provide chair and/or table massage, spa services, fitness classes and/or wellness workshop facilitation.

WHEREAS Contractor is experienced and qualified to provide such services and has a current license and liability insurance policy.

ENGAGEMENT AND DUTIES: BRC hereby engages Contractor, and Contractor hereby agrees to serve BRC as an independent contractor. It is understood that Contractor is responsible for his or her own actions. While performing services for BRC, Contractor shall endeavor to promote the BRC message.

Indemnification: Contractor agrees to indemnify BRC against all liability, loss or claim arising from damage or injury to any person or property caused by or sustained in connection with Contractor’s performance of this agreement.

COMPENSATION: For the services rendered by the Contractor under this agreement, Contractor shall be paid at an agreed-upon rate. Contractor agrees to be treated as an independent contractor and to be responsible for payment of any and all taxes due that arise from the income received from BRC. These taxes may include, but are not limited to, federal and state income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax and self-employment tax. It is understood that such liability may require to make estimated quarterly payments and that it is Contractor’s responsibility to consult with a tax advisor or make other necessary arrangements, as deemed appropriate, to estimate and pay Contractor’s tax liability.

Contractor must submit a written confirmation for any event he/she agrees to. If a non-emergency situation occurs and Contractor cannot carry out the event, BRC and Contractor will attempt to find a suitable replacement. However, if BRC or Contractor cannot find a replacement, Contractor remains financially responsible for the scheduled event. Contractor may not call in sick less than 4-hours prior to an event.

COVENANT NOT TO COMPETE: Contractor shall not contact, conduct, or attempt to conduct business aimed at clients of BRC, while working with BRC and for a period of three years after the Contractor’s last BRC engagement. This includes all clients, past and present, which Contractor has visited on behalf of BRC during their tenure as Contractor.