Tiffany Richards The Back Rub Company About Us

The Back Rub Company was founded by Tiffany Richards in 2005. After returning to Phoenix from her national tour with Cirque du Soleil as their personal massage therapist, Tiffany took notice of the high increase in workplace stress and dwindling health of employees in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. She provided seated chair massage to employees at local corporations. The on-site massages were well received as employees and employers alike became aware of a shift in increased productivity and morale. Her clients soon began to inquire about additional on-site services they could incorporate into their employee wellness initiatives.

Tiffany quickly enlisted the expertise of the most knowledgeable wellness professionals including massage therapists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, life coaches and more to offer companies complete, customized and holistic wellness programs.

Her vision was soon realized, and The Back Rub Company now works with more than 400 wellness experts throughout the United States providing education, lifestyle changes and stress-relief to thousands.