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Performance, whether at home or in the workplace, depends on your physical, mental and emotional abilities. The Back Rub Company assists with optimum performance and makes sure you’re in top-shape in all areas of life. When you take time to recharge your body, mind and spirit, everyone whose lives you touch is better for it.

The Back Rub Company is the nation's leading provider for On-Site Massage, Wellness and Fitness. At work, we offer On-Site Corporate Chair Massage Services, Fitness Classes and Workplace Wellness Programs including nutrition, disease management and more. At home, treat yourself to Mobile Massage & Spa Services for any occasion. Our many services are provided in Metro Phoenix and Nationwide!

Create a culture of wellness at work. Boost productivity and morale with The Back Rub Company's workplace wellness services. Our wellness programs include On-Site Corporate Chair Massage; Fitness Classes; Wellness Workshops; Healthy Cooking Classes; Disease Management & Prevention Courses; Guided Meditation; Nutrition Seminars and much more.

Make a buzz at your next tradeshow, convention, marketing event or health fair with Seated Chair Massage. Be the talk of the town when you offer On-Site Chair Massage at your company's golf tournament or sporting event.
Schedule a girl's night in and relax with Mobile Massage & Spa Treatments for any special event.
No matter what the occasion, The Back Rub Company's got your back!

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