Are you confident that you can protect yourself in any situation? Be your first line of self-defense and join us for this empowering session. Learn a variety of techniques proven to be effective against modern threats.

We are big believers in women and men being able to protect themselves and even more so, to feel confident in their ability to do so. Be prepared to react confidently whether a threat arises in the workplace, grocery store or on neighborhood streets.

Learn to:

  • carry yourself confidently
  • use everyday items as weapons
  • defend against multiple attacks and holds
  • use your powerful voice
  • gain control ASAP

We offer workshops to the public, private groups and corporations. Perfect for birthdays, girls days, sports teams, moms clubs and more!

Your instructor
Tiffany_Richards_1st_dan.jpgTiffany Richards has trained martial arts since 1998. She is a second-degree black belt in kensho-do and a self-defense expert.

She’s appeared on multiple news programs spreading the message of the importance of taking control of your own safety. Tiffany has taught for the Girl Scouts, various corporations and for private groups empowering women nationwide.

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