Employee Personal Safety Should be Paramount in Your Organization

The potential for assault or physical confrontation in and outside of the workplace is an unfortunate reality.

Imagine if your company provided critical tools your employees needed to carry themselves more confidently as well as protect themselves and their families?

Peaceful Warrior Corporate Self Defense & Personal Safety

A Low Cost, High Value Benefit

Our two-hour Corporate Personal Safety (CPS) intro workshop teaches the critical principles of “ABC’s” of personal safety (Awareness, Boundaries and Communication) as well as simple, proven and highly useful physical techniques for protection. We come to you and bring all necessary equipment. You provide the space, we provide the expertise.

Employees learn to:

  • Carry themselves confidently
  • Identify and avoid dangerous situations
  • Deescalate potentially confrontational scenarios
  • Use physical techniques that have been “pressure tested” for effectiveness

What services do we offer?

Contact Us to learn more about how we can provide any of the following services in the location that best suits your needs.


Facilitated by...


if you carry a weapon
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Women's Self Defense
if you carry a weapon, train with it (nikkyo wrist lock w/ kubotan)
Personal Barrier
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Women’s Self Defense:
create a personal barrier between you and an attacker
ponytail grab from behind
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How to Defend Yourself While Hiking
Peaceful Warrior Woman on AZ Daily Mix