“Take care of your employees,
and they’ll take care of your business.”

– Richard Branson

The realities of everyday office life can make it difficult for your employees to find time to relax. Strained eyes, stiff necks and headaches decrease productivity and make for a less than ideal work environment. Busy schedules make it difficult for you and your employees to find solutions, much less locate Wellness Services at a time and place that works for your whole team.

Let us come to you!

chair massage pic 02The Back Rub Company is the leading provider for On-site Massage, Fitness & Wellness Services in Rehoboth Beach. Boost productivity and morale with The Back Rub Company's Workplace Wellness Services. We will work with you to custom design the solution that works for your team.  Forget about making time for travel to an unknown location and the complications of scheduling employees around projects and meetings. Our team will setup on location, provide services and quietly exit -- leaving your team informed, relaxed, reenergized and ready to face the next challenge efficiently.

Do some of your team members office elsewhere?

Remote workers are a growing trend in the global business environment.  The Back Rub Company has solutions for your whole team, no matter their physical location.  With our selection of virtual services and instruction, our team can provide Stress Management techniques like Guided Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga.

It worked for your team.  What about your clients?

Create a buzz with Seated Chair Massage at your next trade show, convention, marketing event or health fair in Rehoboth Beach. Be the talk of the town when you offer On-Site Chair Massage at your Rehoboth Beach company's golf tournament or sporting event.

What about friends and family?

Schedule a girl's night in and relax with Mobile Massage & Spa Treatments for any special event in Rehoboth Beach.

No matter what the occasion, The Back Rub Company's got your back in beautiful Rehoboth Beach and surrounding areas!

chair_massage_pic_01.jpgWhy choose The Back Rub Company?

The short answer is experience. The Back Rub Company has been the leading provider for Workplace Wellness Programs and Mobile Massage & Spa Services in Phoenix since 2005.

To address the high increase in workplace stress and dwindling health of employees in her hometown, Tiffany Richards began to provide chair massage to employees at Phoenix area corporations in 2005. Having been the personal massage therapist for a national tour of Cirque du Soleil, Tiffany knew that other communities could benefit from her services.

She began the process of building a team of knowledgeable wellness professionals and quickly realized her vision.  The group of massage therapists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, life coaches and other health and lifestyle experts at The Back Rub Company has grown to more than 200 wellness experts and now works throughout the United States providing education, lifestyle changes and stress-relief to thousands.

What services do we offer?

Contact Us to learn more about how we can provide any of the following services in the location that best suits your needs.