Mobile Massage and Spa Services

The Back Rub Company provides Mini Massage & Spa services right in the comfort of your own home!
Relax and renew for pre-wedding events like bridal showers, bachelorette parties or for your bridal party before the big day. Hosting a Girl's Night In? Treat your guests to soothing spa treatments and you'll be the talk of the party.

Family reunion, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion? Our therapists will help create a day spa experience in the comfort of your home so you can spend more time with friends and family.
Stuck on what to offer at your Mobile Spa Event? Don't fret - we're here to help! Our customized Mobile Massage & Spa treatments are unique and refreshing. The Back Rub Company works with you to create custom-themed parties and events everyone will rave about!
We'll help you add these unique services to any Mobile Massage & Spa event:
On-Site Catering
Feng Shui Consult
Psychic Readings
Yoga, Zumba or other Fitness Class
Toe Reading
Live Music
Tea Party
Aromatherapy Party (custom-design your own 'scent'ual oil blends)
and More!

Our Mobile Massage & Spa Services include:

Mini-Massage & Spa Treatments
Power-packed so you can enjoy a variety of services! Each treatment is 10 to 30-minutes long and are a great fit for those who just can't decided and want a 'taste' of it all.

Seated Chair Massage
Invigorating and relaxing therapy for the back, head, neck, shoulders and arms. Relaxes muscles, reduces tension and improves circulation. A wonderful antidote to stress that will rub away fatigue.

Stemming from ancient Egyptian royal roots, reflexology has a deep and profound effect on the body. One-of-a-kind foot or hand treatment that soothes, heals and restores.

Salt/Sugar Scrub
A mineral-rich exfoliating and moisturizing treatment for hands or feet. Promises radiant-looking, soft, touchable skin, with a magical blend of all-natural scrubbing ingredients, pure essential oils and moisturizers.

Hand & Arm Hot Stone
Soothing treatment for arms and hands that provides ultimate comfort. Highly tranquil and stress-reducing produces increased blood flow and relaxed muscles as smooth, hot stones are gently glided over tired arms and hands.

Paraffin Dip
Revitalize and renew hands with a warm, soothing dip, followed by a mini hand massage. Paraffin increases blood flow and makes hands soft and supple.

Mini-Manicure or Pedicure (20-minute minimum)
Perfectly shaped, buffed and polished nails, revitalizing soak and a gentle hand or foot massage.

Mini-Treatment Rates

  • Massage & Reflexology $85-$115/hour (time split between guests)

  • Scrubs, Hot Stone, Paraffin, Mini-Mani or Pedi $95-$135/hour (time split between guests)

  • 3-hour minimum requirement (2-hours at an increased rate)

  • Additional rates apply to services before 8am and after 8pm


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