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National Lose Weight, Feel Great Month Kicks Off Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

(PHOENIX, Ariz., January 7, 2009) - According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 66% of American adults are overweight or obese. It's obvious why getting in shape and taming the bulge are among the top ten New Year's Resolutions.

Setting reasonable goals and staying focused are two important factors in sticking with a nutrition and exercise program.  The major component of a successful lifestyle change is having a support team to help reach these goals.

"Because 40 or more hours are spent at the office each week, the support of a network of co-workers helps keep people on track," said Tiffany Richards, owner of The Back Rub Company, a Phoenix-based firm that provides on-site employee health and wellness programs nationally.

The Back Rub Company makes it easy for employees to get in shape and have fun by offering a variety of nutrition workshops and healthy cooking classes, in addition to fun fitness classes right at work.

The firm has a number of corporate clients who offer these on-site perks, whether they're employee-paid or sponsored by the company. On-site Yoga, Pilate's, Boot Camp and even Zumba classes are popping up across the valley. In addition, employees can participate in healthy cooking classes facilitated by a renowned natural foods chef and lunch-and-learn workshops on fitness and nutrition. The Back Rub Company's most popular workshops are Balancing Your Life through Fitness & Nutrition, Eat More, Weigh Less, Healthy Nutrition Life-Long Weight Loss and Work-out Smarter, NOT Harder.

"Learning to make simple changes like bringing healthy lunches and snacks to work, avoiding the sweets in the vending machine or setting aside at least three-days per week of exercise are easy ways to make a long-lasting lifestyle improvement," said Richards. "The employees have a blast and keep each other motivated."

"Besides," said Richards. "Gym memberships are so last year!"

The Back Rub Company's Top Three Tips to Lose Weight, Feel Great:
Establish healthy and realistic goals in small increments - quarterly, weekly or daily. Hold yourself accountable, track your progress and reward yourself for reaching those milestones with a pedicure, massage, trip to the new aquarium, etc.
Focus this month, or year, on being grateful for your body and all it's functions. Show compassion and patience towards yourself. If you fall off track one day, don't make an excuse to give up. Just get back on track the next day!
Plan and schedule consistent workouts and healthy meals. If you sign up for your company's on-site yoga class for 6-weeks, mark it in your calendar and be there each week! Treat your workouts and meal times like you would any important business meeting.

For information about The Back Rub Company's Workplace Wellness Programs, call 480-330-2066 or visit