Create a Healthy Workspace

They say sitting is the new smoking. Humans are not sedentary creatures, but our modern lifestyles have forced us to spend far longer sitting down than standing up or moving our bodies. This session focuses on how you create a work environment that aids in your health and well-being by implementing proper ergonomics, natural elements, regular breaks and movement during work.

Feng Shui for the Office

Put your computer in the north or west area of your office to enhance creativity. Add a water feature to activate business and career success. These are just a couple of tips from the ancient Chinese philosophy used to create harmony within our environment and bring balance into our living and work spaces. This exciting workshop focuses on creating an optimal office setting designed to increase your success and enhance your career. Whether you’re in a cubicle or the corner office, learn where your personal auspicious locations are and how to maximize energy flow.

Greener Homes & Gardens

There are toxins lurking in your home. Learn how to reduce your exposure to chemicals and poisons in and around your home by making informed choices about the products and services you use. This workshop will discuss natural and safe home products, non-toxic pest-control, alternatives to unsafe Tupperware, healthy yard care and more. You’ll also learn to make your own all-natural cleaning supplies.

Life by Design: the art of positive thinking

We are what we think. Unfortunately, the internal critic inside of us tends to run the show. This interactive workshop demystifies our ‘stinking thinking’ habits by teaching the main dysfunctional thinking patterns we tend to employ and how to recognize those patterns. This self-awareness coupled with proven techniques to modify those thinking patterns empowers you to a new positive and beneficial thinking style. Once you learn why you think the way you do, learn to eliminate the negative thinking and create what you want out of life.

Living an Authentic Life

If you are not jumping out of bed each morning thrilled to get started on your day, then this workshop is for you. What determines happiness? What are core components critical for life satisfaction? What can you do to utilize these powerful tools to work toward your goals and enjoy the here and now? They say we only use 10% of our brain. What could YOU do if you could tap into the other 90% of your logic potential as well as your consciousness? We will engage in exercises to get to that same place that Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and many others have used to powerfully manifest their full potential. We'll use several specific tools to identify your passion and pinpoint ways to bring more of it into your current life.

Making Scents: using aromatherapy in everyday life

This delicious-smelling workshop introduces the magnificent benefits of essential oils and how to use them. Incorporating the healing properties of essential oils at work and around the home can stimulate creativity, induce energy, increase productivity and reduce stress. In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the healing properties of essential oils and their mind-body effects on the human body. Learn to make your own custom-blends for alertness, sleep and happiness.

Self-Care: massage, stretching & more

Eliminate aches and pains with self-massage and stretching. In this workshop, you will learn specific massage techniques and how to apply them to the body’s pressure points to personally eradicate headaches, wrist and arm pain, neck and shoulder pain and backaches. You’ll also learn stretches that target sore, tight muscles.

Smoking Cessation

You CAN quit smoking. Quitting smoking has immediate as well as long-term benefits for you and your loved ones. Learn your unique smoking habits (social, pleasure or stressed smoker) and triggers that lead to smoking. Get all the details of the most effective smoking cessation methods available today. Discover the right stop smoking method for you and QUIT today!

Stress Management & Work-Life Balance

The fact is there is no getting away from stress. Delays, disturbances and deadlines create tension. The trick is to redefine what stress means. It has been said that there are no stressful events - there are only stressful responses. Learn ways to redefine stress and make it work to your advantage! Incorporated in this workshop are sure-fire tactics, relaxation tips and practical, effective tools to reduce and manage stress. Learn easy 5 to 15-minute techniques to instantly relax the mind and body that can be used any place, anytime.

The Goal-Setting Experience

In this hands-on how-to class, you will learn how to set realistic goals using simple techniques.  We will discuss staying motivated, achieving success and rewarding yourself for a job well done. You will also learn about the benefits of creating a vision board and journaling. You will choose a goal that you will accomplish in 100 days!

Toxic Nation!

Harmful chemicals are everywhere; in our cosmetics, bath & body products, personal care items and cleaning products, just to name a few. Evidence shows that these substances play a huge role in a variety of health risks. This workshop will discuss some of the most harmful toxins to avoid, where to find safe alternatives and recipes to make your own all-natural personal care and bath & body products.